Welcome to LOVE IS ON THE AIR...

It's the HOTTEST intergalactic matchmaking extravaganza. LOVE IS ON THE AIR takes 6 lucky transmissions from aliens/robots/non-entities alike from across the universe in search of love and listens to them all at once to make a match that is OUT OF THIS WORLD. 

How to play

Toggle through the clips with the up and down arrows to listen and lock down 2 matches after the timer is up. Keep playing to unlock all 15 unique endings.


Carter Cook - Programming, Voices of Carcas, Panchetta

Keenan - Audio Mixing, Theme Music, Voices of Reznar, Michael

Kalli - Voices of Wota, Concepts

Google - Voice of Robot

Rui Jie - 2D Art, UX, Project Manager, Voice of Radio Host


LoveIsOnTheAir.exe 59 MB